The Demon Prince

Second Session Synopsis

Journey to Fallcrest/ A Lord’s Favor

Taking the letter of recommend from Lord Padraig, the party traveled a few days’ time to the great city of Fallcrest. Though merely a shadow of its former glory, it still remains the largest and greatest settlement in the Vale. The group made it’s way to the nearest in, the Silver Unicorn, where they attempted to garnish information. Later, upon being received by Lord Markelhay, they were tasked with investigating the area near Kobold Hall for any Kobold brigands. Supply lines to Winterhaven have been ambushed more frequently and the Lord hasn’t the men to deal with it himself, owing to some business taking place near Vanamere’s Tower. The heroes wished to travel to Vanamere’s Tower, but the Captain of the Watch refused to hire them for the task and warned them that they were far from prepared for such a challenge. Kava caught wind of news regarding her family, so she decided to stay in Fallcrest for a short while until she could gain more information.
The short trip to Kobold Hall was uneventful. As the party arrived, they spotted the ruins and dug around until they found a trapdoor. Opening it, they followed a steep set of stairs down into a dimly lit chamber where they discovered a large pit filled with some sort of sticky slime. A small band of kobolds put up mild resistance, but the heroes quickly dispatched them. Raven slid between the bars of a portcullis so that he could pull the control lever and raise the iron bars, thus letting the rest of the party travel deeper into the lair.
Scouting ahead, Raven found a room with several sarcophagi lining the walls and resting in the chamber itself. At the far end of the room opposite the entrance were three kobolds staring at some sort of religious alter. The party quietly piled into the room and attempted to catch the monsters by surprise. As they moved into the chamber, several dart traps were set off, immobilizing the heroes for a short while. After killing the guards, the heroes investigated the room more closely and found that the coffins had been raided and otherwise desecrated. The altar appeared to be dedicated to Tiamat, and so the group tore it apart and took the tithes located on it. Moving into the next room, they found two more sarcophagi with bones piled on top. Across the chamber were two large wooden doors flanked by a ten foot wall. Atop the wall on either side of the doors stood kobold slingers and warriors, and one of them held a slime-covered rock fixed to a rope tied to the ceiling. He threw the rock at the party, who all dodged the attack, and it swung in a wide arc until another kobold on the opposite side of the platform caught it. As the slingers prepared to volley rocks and glue pots at the PCs, Raven lured them off the wall and they fell to their deaths on the chamber floor. Raven next climbed up the wall on the right of the chamber where he encountered another kobold as well as two guard drakes. The rest of the party tried to break the door down but struggled with the task until someone thought to just smash it with their weapons. Having reduced the door to splinters, the group rushed forward to aid Raven. Ahead of them, the chamber narrowed into a 20 foot hallway. the next chamber at the end of the hallway had a 20 foot high wall where two more slingers stood posed to attack the party. As Melech and Raven made their way forward, a large stone was released and began to roll straight for them. A small winged drake swooped down and stole Melech’s healing potion, though the heroes quickly killed the beast and recovered it. As they moved deeper into the room, careful to avoid the path of the circulating boulder, they engaged two dragonshields and a wyrmpriest. On the body of the wyrmpriest was a map of the dungeon showing the location of a secret door. He also had a small silver key. Seizing his bone mask and the staff he was using (which Varis identified as possessing some arcane enchantment), the party made camp in the room for a number of hours in an attempt to rest up.



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