The Demon Prince

Third Session Synopsis

The Remnant of Szartharaax

Waking several hours later, the PCs found the secret door and used the key to unlock it. The wall slid away to reveal an even darker chamber ahead, and a wave of cold air rushed out. They ventured through the portal, and the further they traveled the further down into the earth they seemed to go. The temperature steadily dropped, and the carefully crafted walls of the dungeon gradually gave way to the rough walls of a subterranean cavern. After another short series of stairs leading down, the party found themselves in a large dark cavern with a pool of frozen water in its center.
Snow drifted down and narrow ledges ran along the walls of the cave. Leaping from hiding, a zombie white dragon attacked the party. As they rallied against this new threat, the group saw two kobold zombies rise from unseen graves and shamble over to join the fray. Throughout the fight the dragon used its icy breath and knocked stalactites free to rain down on the heroes. Raven began to notice the Obsidian Orb was growing very cold, and after he began to become physically harmed by it he thought to insert it into one of the gaping wounds of the dragon. Slowly, the dragon began to swell in size, and dark tendrils of necrotic energy began coursing over its form. Empowered, it knocked over a large pillar in the room, incapacitating Melech and Tharn. As Clarence and Varis struggled with the kobolds (who seemed unwilling to stay down, regardless of the amount of damage dealt to them) Raven kept attacking the dragon until it finally collapsed into a heap of fetid organs and rotting flesh. Seizing the skull as a prize, the heroes raided the dragon’s treasure stash where they discovered gold, gems, and a hammer of exquisite quality.
The heroes returned to Fallcrest, where a shocked Lord Markelhay congratulated them with a feast in their honor. The group informed the Lord of their work and requested more information regarding Vanamere’s Tower. The Leader of the Watch still scoffed at them and told them any attempts to travel there would result in their deaths. The group began gathering information in an effort to find work, and it was Tharn who was approached by a Shadar-kai witch who maintained the altar of the Raven Queen in one of the temples in town. She informed him that rumors were growing regarding a demon cult of Orcus in Winterhaven, and as agents of the Raven Queen it was their sworn duty to stamp these out. She warned Tharn that another traveler had recently passed through and she had requested his help as well. The man had given her great unease.
Tharn shared the information with the rest of the party and they set out immediately for Winterhaven.

Ambush on the Old King’s Road



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