Baron Stockmer's Keep

Home of Baron Stockmer, the Keep acts as the seat of local governmental power and the area’s primary defense against assault. Favors are requested and punishments doled out here as well, and at the moment a small number of families are seeking shelter in the keep against the goblin raids. Many of the families have lost their homes, belongings, and crops. Local taxes have been allocated from the Noble’s funds to help care for the villagers until the goblins can be dealt with.

The Keep has three primary buildings located within the safety of a wall of mortar and stone (5×10 feet). The first building is the Lord’s Manor, the personal residence of the Stockmer family and their servants.

The second and smallest building contains emergency provisions and the Town’s stock of precious metals. Since most people in the Harkenwold are poor farmers they often prefer to trade small commodities over essentially meaningless silver and gold. All of the area’s wealth is held in the Keep for security.

The largest building is a communal hall used for town meetings with the Elders and other functions which require a large and enclosed area. There are several families taking shelter here currently.

Baron Stockmer's Keep

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