Campaign Credits

The idea for this campaign was sparked after my acquisition of the new gigantic Orcus figure. There are only so many instances where you can use something so specific, and in an effort to prevent such an impressive piece from being under-utilized I decided to build a campaign around him. First and foremost, credit goes to Zombie Joe for talking me into playing the event I won Orcus at, and for inspiring me with the hordes of undead he tortures our gaming group with.

A very special shout-out to arsheesh. As I have had no HTML experience since high school I needed someone to “show me the ropes” and I owe nearly all of what my page is today to him.

Most of this campaign is not my original work. As my first 4e story I wanted to play it safe and use tried-and-true encounters with a strong story arc. I have borrowed liberally from WotC for the campaign setting, using the DMG description of Nentir Vale and many published modules.

As many of these modules were written to stand alone, I needed to join them together somehow into an epic story devoted to Orcus. I was greatly aided in this endeavor by the work of Myrhdraak, who has done an incredible job. His work is in .pdf format and can be found, along with commentary, here. Most of my contributions have been limited to stitching together loose ends, amending encounters to fit my needs, and other minor changes.

Banner artwork by Steve Argyle.
Avatar art by aditya777.
Revised map of the Nentir Vale is the work of kueryd. I found it on the WotC forums.

While the core storyline is not my own, the particular events recorded in the Adventure Log are my work and the results of my gaming group. The story is penned by me based on their actions (though it is definitely embellished for readability).

Suggestions, questions, comments, and criticisms are always warmly welcomed.



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Campaign Credits

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