Campaign Info for Players

The official meeting time for this campaign will be from 5 PM to 9:30 PM Sunday evening at Zombie Joe’s. We will start each session with a short review of the previous session, and dice ought to be rolling by 5:30. Session dates are TBA since the Blackhawk Talons are are still fighting for their lives in the Tomb of Horrors.

Back Story: The plot will be made available soon. Players ought to develop their characters with back stories, i.e. who are you, why are you traveling together, what motivates you?
This helps me make a more dynamic campaign that includes your characters, instead of a scripted event you find yourselves forced into.

Role Playing: Don’t metagame. You don’t have to be a thespian, but ensure your actions reflect what your character knows/ sees/ would do in that situation. I will play monsters the same way.

Balance: I don’t support power gaming in this campaign. My last group had extremely effective fighters, but several of them died from traps, many were unable to enter/ were kicked out of settlements, or otherwise did horrible in skill challenges. Keep the group balanced by having good combatants, an effective diplomat, an intelligent inquisitive, etc. My campaign is exceptionally balanced, so you will quickly find out where your weaknesses as a party are.

House Rules: I use Critical Failure/ Success charts in combat and skill challenges. I also try to make the campaign setting as real as possible, so ammunition, food/ water, rest, faction status, weather, time, and other details will be taken into account. We won’t get bogged down in rules, but you also won’t have extended rests after every encounter and the ability to go weeks without sustenance.

Ingenuity: If you do something clever in combat or a skill challenge, I will generally reward you with extra XP or an automatic success. This could be virtually anything, so keep your mind open! By clever I mean stepping outside the clear-cut rules for a moment and trying something that can be done in real-life. At-will powers get boring after the third consecutive use, so instead try grappling the monster to the ground or throwing a chair at it or feigning surrender. The environment is teeming with options!

Curse of the Magi:
At the suggestion of our resident wizard, and as homage to my favorite fantasy campaign setting of Dragonlance, to reflect the exhaustion inherent in casting powerfull spells of high sorcery we will institute the full effects of the Curse of the Magi. Effectively, whenever a character casts an arcane encounter or daily spell, he must make a fortitude saving throw against a DC of 10+ the spell’s level after the spell is cast. If he succeeds, he does not suffer any adverse effects from the casting. However, if he fails, then he is dazed. If he fails another saving throw while dazed, then he becomes dazed and weakened. If he fails a third saving throw, he then falls unconscious and the other two effects end. This rule does not apply to cantrips or at-will spells and enemies will be subject to the same penalties.

Divine Sanction: All divine power classes must pay homage to their respective deities on a daily basis. If in a settlement with a temple or shrine to their god, PCs must donate tithes and make offerings. Any action deemed unfavorable to the deity (as determined by the DM using common sense) with result in loss of concordance (penalties to divine powers). In addition, since deities in my campaign are not completely omnipotent, their influence is limited. Healing powers may be restricted in certain locations and radiant damage may be negated in some realms. Expect Death’s Reach and the Abyss to be particularly challenging locales. When in the presence of your deity or near his/ her realm, you will be rewarded with increased powers. For instance, Tharn will have more efficient healing and more effective damage in the Shadowfell, and will be damn near an angel if in the Raven Queen’s court (and his concordance is high).

Blood Lust: This rule is specifically for the vampire, Raven. You must consume the blood of a sentient, living creature at least once a day. Blood consumed in this manner must result in the death of the victim. Since you have the Raven Queen’s blessing as an undead agent, no divine penalties will result from preying on innocent townsfolk. However, if you fail to cover your tracks when feasting, serious complications will arise in settlements. You are generally not tolerated in holy sites and good and lawful good creatures will not welcome your company. Common sense will rule, but generally I will ask for various skill checks whenever you tell me you are feasting for the day (Streetwise and Stealth checks seem most obvious, as well as Bluff and Intimidate). Failure to eat for whatever reason will require an Endurance check each day you do not eat. The DC will start at Easy and get progressively harder each day. After three missed saves you will be weakened. After four you are weakened and slowed. After five you are essentially Petrified, though you can still take damage and you retain enough energy to eat if a helpless victim is nearby. Consuming some blood (not enough to kill the victim) will add +5 to your save; in this manner your party members may attempt to help. As soon as you feast again all status effects are removed.

Just to reiterate, we will never get bogged down in the rules; they are merely here to spice up the role-playing aspect.

Suggestions: As always, I stand open to player ideas. If there is something you want to try in the campaign, or if you have experience doing things another way and feel that your way is better, please don’t hesitate to bring it up!

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Campaign Info for Players

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